Saturday, October 24, 2009

My 1st trip to Bukit Tinggi - 6th Sept 2009 - 6.5 Months

Mummy says i heavy ohhhh, daddy volunteers to carry me up and down.....gheeeeee~~
This is the only picture we take together! Who holds the camera?!?!?!!??!!? Hehehehe magic!!! I saw a 3 legs alien holding it...I heard papa mama call it a "tripod", hmmpphhh I dowan to look, I scare!!!!!! =~ Daddy brings his camera set, looks heavy to most of the time he is the camera man. I think this is one of the very few pictures he takes with me =S Mummy where?!?!?!?! Holding the camera loOOoOOoooo~~^^

Woah i love this place~ Weather is chilling, birds are singing~ and it's green everywhere....nice nice =)))) happie~~~~

Mummy says I am very heavy, so Daddy offers to carry me all the way up~ Ok what, I am only 9.2kg, hmmm not too heavy right?! *Blink* hhhmmmpphphhh~~

Just arrived!!! Why the pacifier still in my mouth!!?!??! Gosh mummy din take it out for me >.<>

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