Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day out with Liz Mommy~

Gosh finally i got to see Liz Mommy today!
Daddy, Mommy , Grandma and I went to MidValley. They were having lunch in one of the Taiwanese Restaurant and I was laying flat in my stroller *as usual* sigh...
While waiting for Liz mommy , i fell asleep....zzzzzzzzZZZzzzZZ
When i woke up i saw Mommy with another HOT haha she rush to me and carry me up and down, hurhurhur~ her body is so comfortable....*blink blink* =p~~~~
LOL I WILL SHOW YOU HER PICTURE~then you will agree with me kekekekekekke
Liz mommy had brought me a teether and a fisher price rocking chair...with vibration!!!! wow cool hurhurhur, i love the chair...THANK YOU~^^
I think i need some read now, I am not feeling well today, my tummy....sigh =(
Nite nite all its late.....zzZzzZzzzzz

Friday, May 29, 2009

careless mother.....=(

It happened yesterday afternoon, few blocks away from my office, at the parking lot. A careless mother in the car who was trying to go forward and back to park her car in the parking lot. She was just so careless and put reverse gear instead of drive, and knock down her 3 year old daughter who was standing behind the car waiting for the mother.
Thinking of the 9 months pregnancy period, went through the pain during delivery, then confinement, went through many many changes in live etc etc, seeing the kid growing slowly day by day, and now she is 3 years old!!! THEN!!! Just one moment of the carelessness, everything is gone, everything become so meaningless....and the lovely little girl disappear just like that. I really cant imagine how the mother gonna live for the rest of her life. RIP cute little girl, and my deepest condolence to the family.
Too many similiar cases happening around. Kids and toddlers are too small to be seen sometimes, plus the blind spots of the mirror and all, so parents!!!! pleaseeee make sure you know where your kids are, or know that they are safe with somebody, before you make any move.......
I am a careless mother myself, as Daddy always complain that I am always rushing for nothing and clumsy careless etc etc etc....I will bare in mind, always remember, to do everything slowly, carefully, for myself, my boy, my family!!
People say, we learn from our mistake. But there are just some mistakes,too late to be learnt, that would make us regret for the rest of our life. Sighhhhhhhhhhh.......

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Baby sitter found by just ONE CLICK!

When I was 3 months pregnant, I was so stressed out about getting a good baby sitter for Jeremy. I seriously have no idea where to look so i just google - "baby sitter at CHERAS".
Found one link, and I just called to try my luck. Just by that one click, and made appointment with them, Daddy Mommy went over to their place, discuss about the schedule and price etc etc etc.
I feel quite good with them, old couple whose kids are already working and they just want to pass time. And the best thing is when we ask about the price, she just said: "ANYTHING"!!! LOL~
BUT! Just like any other parents, we are still worry about the way they take care of Jeremy, whether they are nice to him, and haunt by hearing a lot of "scary" stories of terrible baby sitters that hurt the babies etc etc etc.
Now, It's been a month and a half already. Initially, the schedule to send Jeremy to baby sitter was Mon - Fri, 730am - 830pm. Saturday 8am - 6pm. But since Mama is not working on weekend, so decided not to send him over. AAwwwWWwww Uncle Auntie don't look very happy about it, i guess they just miss Jeremy good boi as much as i do hahaha!!!
Daddy and Mummy are both so glad, with the baby sitters uncle auntie, as well as their 4 daughters at home. They are all so nice people, they are so lovely and they just love Jeremy like one of their family members^^.
Is it really that easy? To find a great baby sitter by just 1 click?!
Thank you God. We are just soOOooOooO Goddam lucky and I think, they are a gift sent by God. Come in as a package together with Jeremy muaaUAAHAHahaahahahah

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Liz Mommy

Liz Mommy has sent this baju all the way from Singapore for me....Thank you Liz Mommy.....Mama says, Liz Mommy changed her name to Calla Mommy, but after that she decided to leave that special stylist name to her BFssssssss only muaaahahahahhaha so I just need to remember her by Liz Mommy.....hmmm....
Can't wait to meet this weird goody gooddyy friend of Mama, she is arriving on the 30th May....oh no!!! 4 more days to go !!!!!!
Mama says, Liz Mommy actually expecting to match make "ME" with her little boy. Errmmm, when I was in Mama's tummy they were thinking that "I" am girl girl....BUT.....turned out to be ME! Jeremy the MAN!
So...instead of Liz Mommy In Law, she is now my Liz Mommy ^^

Monday, May 25, 2009

3 Months old!!!!!!!

there you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 months old picture....???

hmmm....Auntie Doreen says,"DONT MAKE PROMISES THAT YOU CANT KEEP"
Ops.......Sorry sorry, Mama really want to take picture on tat day itself we get home it's always late already.....Jeremy boi is tired and nite nite~~~~~
hmmm.....Looks like no one gonna buy this excuse.....OK FINE......awwwwww .....will TRY to get 1 picture tomorrow ^^


*yawns* Jeremy boy woke Mama up at 8am, as if he knows he is suppose to go for a jap today....nice weather today, after bathing Jeremy, put on Mama's favourite romper^^ let's go!!!!!
Doctor says:" Hey young man, where is your neck!!!" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Jeremy frown.....Oh My God Jeremy is 7.2kg at 3 months~ hmmm overweight by 600gm haha...
What's new.....
One hand holding Jeremy's hand and another hand was holding an ultraman toy that i found in Doctor's room. Ready for the jap.....Waited for few sec, was wondering what is taking the doc so long....hmmm....Dr:" ok done!!!!" !?!?!!?!?!? LOL
Doctor always comment Jeremy as a bull~ never feel a thing everytime he takes the jap....yoohoooo Jeremy good boi, you are the Hero....Jeremy is a strong man!!!!^^
Going home happily together^^
Jeremy is not feeling good, manja boi....crying kicking all day long~~~~~~~~
*phew* Mama panick, from 11am till......630pm...that's when Daddy comes home....sigh.....
Poor boi boi.....Daddy sayang....~

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happening Night!!!!!!

Jeremy good boi, sleep soundlessly after milk session at 12am. Wake up at 2am talk and laugh so loud to Mama!!!!!! Oh he thought it's already morning.....Mama says, "no boi its not yet morning, go nite nite first we shall talk later in the morning ya^^"
Good boi went back to sleep happily with the pacifier in his mouth.....
Again 4am!!! Mama woke up by his 'ngeee ngeeee ngekk ngeekkk' sound...walk over to the baby cot. Jeremy so excited and laugh out loud again!!! OH NO.......Mama pat pat Jeremy back to his dreamland....good boi close his eyes and sleep again.....
Seem like he cant wait to the morning......does he has a lot of plan for the day already? Like how excited we are when we have already got plans for the next day for some happening parties or what?!
This time Mama put Jeremy next to her and sleep together......the next thing when Mama open her eyes.....OH MY GOD its 8am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sigh.....boi, don't do that again on weekdays plz Pa pa Ma ma have turned into walking zombies.......
But thinking of his laughters, nothing actually matters...really haha

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 MONTHS!~*~

Happy 3 months!!!!!!! So fast, 3 months already, and MAMA has yet to lose all the weight *sigh*
Tonight go home we take picture okies^^

1st SMILE~~~^^

Gosh....Jeremy first smile was really was on the 1st April....the impact was so powerful and we feel like the whole world is shaking!!!!!!!! Picture of him smiling managed to take only few weeks after that. Daddy placing the camara on tripod, sweating, standby and capture it AS SOON AS he smile LOL~phew.....there it goes!!!!!^^

Busy + Lazy Mama^^

First of all, mama apologies for not blogging often, busy or lazy? Both, tired leh, first time mother, confinement, a lot a lot of new things to learn, a lot a lot of changes to adapt to, etc etc etc *sweat*. Ok stop all the excuses and promise to start blogging "more often" from now....hehe but i am sure first time mothers will understand and agree with me eh (",)