Saturday, May 23, 2009


*yawns* Jeremy boy woke Mama up at 8am, as if he knows he is suppose to go for a jap today....nice weather today, after bathing Jeremy, put on Mama's favourite romper^^ let's go!!!!!
Doctor says:" Hey young man, where is your neck!!!" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Jeremy frown.....Oh My God Jeremy is 7.2kg at 3 months~ hmmm overweight by 600gm haha...
What's new.....
One hand holding Jeremy's hand and another hand was holding an ultraman toy that i found in Doctor's room. Ready for the jap.....Waited for few sec, was wondering what is taking the doc so long....hmmm....Dr:" ok done!!!!" !?!?!!?!?!? LOL
Doctor always comment Jeremy as a bull~ never feel a thing everytime he takes the jap....yoohoooo Jeremy good boi, you are the Hero....Jeremy is a strong man!!!!^^
Going home happily together^^
Jeremy is not feeling good, manja boi....crying kicking all day long~~~~~~~~
*phew* Mama panick, from 11am till......630pm...that's when Daddy comes home....sigh.....
Poor boi boi.....Daddy sayang....~


  1. we need to see how mommy hold Jeremy in her arm. pls take a pic of them. can't imagine how mommy looks like with her big boi boi.

  2. Annieeee, mommy holding ah boi's hand, doctor giving injection, so who is holding the camera>????!?!?!?! LOL