Friday, May 22, 2009

Happening Night!!!!!!

Jeremy good boi, sleep soundlessly after milk session at 12am. Wake up at 2am talk and laugh so loud to Mama!!!!!! Oh he thought it's already morning.....Mama says, "no boi its not yet morning, go nite nite first we shall talk later in the morning ya^^"
Good boi went back to sleep happily with the pacifier in his mouth.....
Again 4am!!! Mama woke up by his 'ngeee ngeeee ngekk ngeekkk' sound...walk over to the baby cot. Jeremy so excited and laugh out loud again!!! OH NO.......Mama pat pat Jeremy back to his dreamland....good boi close his eyes and sleep again.....
Seem like he cant wait to the morning......does he has a lot of plan for the day already? Like how excited we are when we have already got plans for the next day for some happening parties or what?!
This time Mama put Jeremy next to her and sleep together......the next thing when Mama open her eyes.....OH MY GOD its 8am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sigh.....boi, don't do that again on weekdays plz Pa pa Ma ma have turned into walking zombies.......
But thinking of his laughters, nothing actually matters...really haha


  1. YES annie, the angels are the great DADDY & MOMMY LOL