Friday, May 29, 2009

careless mother.....=(

It happened yesterday afternoon, few blocks away from my office, at the parking lot. A careless mother in the car who was trying to go forward and back to park her car in the parking lot. She was just so careless and put reverse gear instead of drive, and knock down her 3 year old daughter who was standing behind the car waiting for the mother.
Thinking of the 9 months pregnancy period, went through the pain during delivery, then confinement, went through many many changes in live etc etc, seeing the kid growing slowly day by day, and now she is 3 years old!!! THEN!!! Just one moment of the carelessness, everything is gone, everything become so meaningless....and the lovely little girl disappear just like that. I really cant imagine how the mother gonna live for the rest of her life. RIP cute little girl, and my deepest condolence to the family.
Too many similiar cases happening around. Kids and toddlers are too small to be seen sometimes, plus the blind spots of the mirror and all, so parents!!!! pleaseeee make sure you know where your kids are, or know that they are safe with somebody, before you make any move.......
I am a careless mother myself, as Daddy always complain that I am always rushing for nothing and clumsy careless etc etc etc....I will bare in mind, always remember, to do everything slowly, carefully, for myself, my boy, my family!!
People say, we learn from our mistake. But there are just some mistakes,too late to be learnt, that would make us regret for the rest of our life. Sighhhhhhhhhhh.......

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