Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Liz Mommy

Liz Mommy has sent this baju all the way from Singapore for me....Thank you Liz Mommy.....Mama says, Liz Mommy changed her name to Calla Mommy, but after that she decided to leave that special stylist name to her BFssssssss only muaaahahahahhaha so I just need to remember her by Liz Mommy.....hmmm....
Can't wait to meet this weird goody gooddyy friend of Mama, she is arriving on the 30th May....oh no!!! 4 more days to go !!!!!!
Mama says, Liz Mommy actually expecting to match make "ME" with her little boy. Errmmm, when I was in Mama's tummy they were thinking that "I" am girl girl....BUT.....turned out to be ME! Jeremy the MAN!
So...instead of Liz Mommy In Law, she is now my Liz Mommy ^^


  1. boi boi, u are my another son from my best fren stefi stomach haha ^^ so easily to get one more son, u are the special gift from the god! hmmmm, let me think wat i can do for u.... coz u are really far away from me, but boi boi, please be understanding that Liz mummy is not a good mummy as ur lovely mama~~

    Ok, promise u, when Liz mummy had been place in KL for work, Mummy bring u go kai kai, drink coffee, Shio hun ki wahahaaha.... k lah k lah.... bring u go toy r us lah~~ buy toy buy toysssssssss~~ happy boh??

    Now u are 3 months aledi..... Untill now i oso havent carry u and kiss u, hmmmm this sunday i m going to muackkssss u, please ask ur mama apply more baby powder hahaha~~

  2. Liz Mommy, I cant wait to see you, for the first time on Sunday!!!
    Is ok, you don't have to do much for me right now, i am fine.....keep your money, may be when i grow older, Mommy din give me enough $$$$ to spend, Mommy refuse to buy me nice car to drive....Nice handphone to use....THEN I KNOW WHERE TO LOOK FOR YOU!!!!! MUAhahahahahahahahahahahah
    Oh Mommy got kiss kiss hughug me on your behalf everyday and night.....and FYI i smell very good^^

  3. ah boi~~ i will buy for u if i become rich rich women ~~ so from now u must pray for mummy to become rich rich women k~~~ but hor, the car must park at mummy home, when u want to drive, then u must come to mummy home take, then accompany mummy for lunch or dinner loh, mummy then can see u wat, if not hor, u always bring ur new gfssssssss go out, then mummy feel lonely loh~~ hehehehehe...... want buy car or not? buy u sport car~~~ u drive mummy go play and ur mama oso goooooooo~~~ coollllllll ^^ and u must grow become handsome boy har, go gym build ur body.... mummy sponsor u membership~~ hahahahaha mummy like handsome and knowledgeable guy muahahahahaha....

    study good good, body built good good then baru got sport car, if not, only kancil nia !

  4. Yes Yes i will start praying now by the time i can drive u should be dam rich already hahahahaha, ok la i will study hard, go facial, go gym....i will try my best la, but i scare i won't have much hair =S LOL

  5. Hellllloooooo~~~ wake up drink milk milk liao boi boi~~ 2 more days mummy can carry u liao..... mummy tomolo will meet ur mama, but mama said u can not follow, coz no one carry u while mama driving wor~~~

    so u faster faster grow up, u can sit properly beside mama..... then can come n fetch mummy next time k~~

    Boi~~ Sunday hor, u will be veryyyy suppper happy leh~~ coz coz...... mummy dun want tell u yet hahahaha..... got toys for u lehhhh^^