Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jeremy Giggle

Oh My God!!! Today Jeremy giggle for the very first time in his life....HAHAHAHHAHA so happy, he "HA HA HA", "HUR HUR HUR" and he "grrrggggrrrrrrrr" ....What a heart melting afternoon we had, on a sunny sunday afternoon =~)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Doctor Ho

Today Jeremy went to Dr. Ho's clinic for injection.
Dr. Ho : Hmmm, JEremy is only 4 months old, why is he having the weight of a 9 months old baby?!??!?!
zzzzzzzzzzz DR SHHHHHHH pantang la say that in front of him zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Poor Jeremy, he is currently 7.95kg ehehehehe
Fatty boi boi~

Friday, June 26, 2009

Trick to Freeze Credit Card?!?!?!

Today everyone is not in working mood. Auntie Doreen was telling me a new trick she thought of, to freeze our credit card.
Step 1 - Get an empty ice cream tong
Step 2 - Throw your cards in
Step 3 - Put in the freezer of your fridge.
What the.....*&&^%$%$##@#@# Lame kan? Ya Auntie Doreen can be quite lame sometimes when she is too bored....LOL

Can't remember Grandma!??!?

Grandma has been quite busy lately and Jeremy has not got the chance to play with her. As morning Jeremy leaves house early and at night when he sleeps, Grandma not back yet...Then 2 nights ago, Grandma carrying Jeremy and feeding milk milk....the little monster cries all the way!!!!?!?!?!
Such naughty boy, how can you forget Grandma, who always carry you go walk walk in the evening, always play clap clap hand and sing you Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars at night when you come home? How hurtful is that...
But I am sure that Grandma understands, and after few times of repeating to him, he remembers leow ^^
Back to normal, smiling and screaming when Grandma talks to him....
Phew~ Start to recognise people uh....Naughty boy~

3rd DAY!

Hehehe, today is the 3rd day....of what? muahahahaha if it continue till the 10th day then i will tell u ok muahahahahahahahahahah

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 4 Months old!

Happy 4 months old to our darling boy!!!
Yesterday was the 4th month and he surprises us by holding his own milk bottle~ HappieeEEeEEEEe
Oh he has also received a parcel from Auntie Annie from LA, haha a few cute cute carter body suits and a hippo hat (that I requested) LOL, so cute eh Thank you Auntie Annie!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today morning, Jeremy woke me up at 930am. I love weekends, waking up with my lovely darling boy, side by side =))))) so sweet....
The last milkie session was 630am, so i assume that he is hungry....
Before going to kitchen to prepare for his breakfast, I just tickle tickle him and play with him for a little while. Hmmm he doesn't look hungry though, keep talking to me (dunno what he talking about) and keep smiling....hehehehe Auntie Doreen probably is right about him as a morning baby ^^ So sweet and so enjoying, melted a while in there and just lay down next to him, chatting....muahahahahahahaha although we might not know what each other talking about, we still look very happy chatting LOL
ok about 10 ish i think he is sick of the "under communication" chatting session, and start making irritating noises. Hmmm i assume that is his way of calling out for milk~ haha
After milk milk session, I was putting him to sleep in his rocker, bcoz i wanna trim his long, fast growing finger nails. Not long after that Jeremy is sleeping soundlessly so i started triming....
Successfully done until the last one!!!! His thumb!!!!! Without realising that he is awake and OUCH!!!!!!!! i heard a slight "ngek" sound. OMG!!!!!! It's bleeding.....
Almost burst out my tears and panick, dunno what to do with it. I keep apologies to him and say sorry, and he smile back at me ...!!?!?? What a bull...
I tried to stop the bleed by tapping on it with nappy. It doesn't seem to stop. Sigh, so heart pain =(((( Rush to kithcen and get a small piece of ice and place on it. Ok it finally stop. Phew~
I was feeling goddam bad and still, sigh, how can I let this happen...zzzzzz
Sorry boy, this is the first time I trimming his nails, usually the caring Daddy been doing it, so i guess i better leave it to him next time....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haunted night~

Yesterday afternoon, I had a great haunted stories sharing session with Auntie Doreen and Auntie Nazhrah. Auntie Nazhrah was telling us about her haunted stories in her Asrama during her final study week when everyone staying up late at night - Guard appearing by the window of the 4th floor building asking why not sleeping yet, A nenek in Kebaya squard on top of the roof in the study room asking them what they doing, a hand sticking out from no where in the bathroom asking for sabun etc etc etc.....
I was glad that Jeremy boy doesn't wake up anymore during the night. Usually he drink at 9pm and then next milkie session is 6am, which is about the time I have to get up and get ready for work.
BUT LAST NIGHT! I think Auntie Nazhrah had secretly arranged it with him and he wakes up at 3am! The MOST haunting hour OH MY GAWD! And the best thing was, the GREAT DADDY pretending sleeping so i have to wake up and feed milk milk ALL BY MYSELF!!!!%%^%$#$@#@#
As I was preparing the milk in the kitchen, my bulu roma start to get active. I tried not to think of anything but concentrate on the milk preparation process. Oh no Auntie Nazhrah and her evil face keep coming into my mind!!!!!!!!!! And that relating to all her interesting stories!!!!!
I keep looking around me and make sure nothing special but I got so paranoid that someone is staring at me!!!!!!! Gosh that was really disgusting and I quickly went into the room and feed the hungry baby.
That is not the end of it. After feeding the baby, I have to clean up the milk bottles and all. Again the weird feeling surrounding me. I hate it so much so i do it as quickly as possible. When I am done with it, I NEED TO GO TOILET! Darn, the image of that hand asking for sabun automatically appear in my mind....I WANT TO CRY!
I had a really quick one in the toilet and rush back to the room and tuck myself under the blanket.
I heard some *ngek ngek ngek* sound.....MY GOD that baby is not sleeping yet, he really knows what to do at the right time uh *sigh* And the DADDY too, still pretending so well next to me, so I have to get up again to pat pat the naughty baby. As I get up, the window next to me, OH NO!!!!!! THE GUARD!!!!!! I didn't see it la juz that suddenly I feel like, why is everything around me become so relating to the stories Auntie Nazhrah was telling in the afternoon....
Patting the baby for a while, keep tucking pacifier into his mouth and praying hard in my heart that Good boy close your eyes and sleep....but he just getting more and more active and keep laughing at me. It was really scary i tell you and the best thing is HE NEVER DO THIS but why now!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!
I quickly take the baby and put him on my bed, off all lights and just put my arms over him. Both of us fall asleep quietly soon after that....
Phew~ It is over, thanks so much to Auntie Nazhrah, and I TELL YOU, It's GONNA BE MY TURN TO PRETEND SLEEPING TONIGHT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN!!!!!y^%%$#$@#!@##$&^&
I swear I am not going to wake up alone for the milk session, if there is any......*sigh*

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ulcer =(

Our darling boy....having ulcer today. Good things that he didnt cry or make much noise. But we know that he is feeling very uncomfortable....awWWwwW so heart pain, especially papa, keep sayang him non stop haha...
Pray hard that he gonna drink more more more water so ulcer go away!!!!
HE has been such good boy, and sleep soundlessly every night lately....We love you muak muak muakkkkkkkkkkkk ^^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shopping dayz~

10th June @ Wednesday
Mama says, today go shopping with Por Por....Before we leave for Gurney Plaza, we go to Gong Gong's office and take some pictures first hiakz hiakz hiakz
Hmmmpphhh but Pa Pa says I am a BeE today....why uh?!?!??!?! hmmppphhhh

Oh we reach Gurney Plaza, Por Por and Mama shop non stop wo, left Pa Pa playing with me nia~ Pa Pa push me in stroller, here and there, speeding wo, *scare*
I am very sleepy and tired, but I heard a lot of noise leh, liek very happening...SO! I refuse to sleep kekekekekek Pa Pa suffer lo~
But, In the end I still cant tahan leow....The last thing i know was, someone feeding me milk milk at a nice nice Restaurant called Chillis,smellll so good la the food *drool*....and i zzZZzzZZzzzzzzzz
@ night, sleeping time, bbut my mind, again, keep appearing many many weird weird places and faces.....SO I CRYING LOUD LOUD!!!! *sked ma* blink....Pa pa carrying me 99 again...hiakz hiakz...

11th June @ Thursday
Today Pa Pa and I sleep only, sleep until almost noon ler, because Ma Ma went out and tatto her eye brows.....???!!!!?!?!?
Pa Pa told me, later when Ma ma is back, we have to say bye bye to Gong Gong Por Por, and go back to KL wo....hmm i dunno what is he talking about, but it sounds quite sad la....nvm, things happen so soon and the next things i know is, we had lunch with Echard korkor n family, Gong Gong Por Por & Jiu Mu, then i was being tucked into the car seat, and zzZZzzZzzzzz.....
AND! The next thing i know!!!!! eh? I am in Grandma's arms. Back to kl? home? blurzzzz....I am so confuse laaaa what is happening? hmmppphh i CRYYYYYY AGAIN muahahahahahhaha....tired....then Ma Ma put me to sleep....Nite nite ^^
Oh i miss Gong Gong Por Por, I think Ma Ma miss them too, coz I saw her looking quite upset...hmmpphh, I miss Echard korkor oso wo, Ma Ma says, the next trip going back, hopefully in September, heheheheheheheh then I can Play with HIM~

Penang Still~

7th June 2009, Today is Sunday, did not do much...
Everybody resting at home on a relaxing and GODDAM HOT Sunday....

8th June 2009, Mama went to do facial and went in the morning...Papa play with me in the house lo~ Mama came home at about noon and bring back 2 new clothes for me, she said Auntie Michelle, who done facial for her buy me de wo ^^
hmmm din go out ler boring, so i sleep only lo zzzzzzz
Evening leow!!! *Yawns* Mama woke me up *pout*, she says going to meet Echard korkor wo...????? Who lai de *blink blink*

Hehehe Echard korkor so handsome de, *drool* He is Suvin Auntie & AGC Uncle's 9 mths old boy boy hurhurhur

9th June 2009
Good morning!!! Mama says, today going to have lunch @ CRC!!! Errrmmm, what is CRC? Oh nvm who cares. I met Uncle Daniel, Uncle Sing Hock and Uncle Joe tsk tsk tsk ^^
They all have lunch together so happy, i laying in my stroller MAKE NOISE MAKE NOISE MAKE NOISE!!!!! Hiak hiak hiak
After lunch we went home, on the way home we went to that place where Mama did her facial, she says Auntie Michelle wants to see me wo....????
Oh nice~~~ heh heh heh, there got a lot of leng leng aunties, they take turn to carry me, i juz act blurz lo, they like wo muaahahahahahaha *blink blink* they say soOOOooOOoooo cute LOL
After that, next stop we go to Gong Gong's office, Mama says her ex colleagues wanted to see me too....hmmpphhhh am i that popular *blush**
Oh no! more leng leng aunties carrying me, passing ard muahahahahahaha, Quite happy leh ^^
Tired, and we go home after that....haih, i juz zzZZzZZzzzzzzz all the way
BUT!!!! At night, *Sked*** I see so many faces appearing in my i KEEP CRYING NONE STOP......Papa hug hug me to sleep lo.....*yawns* 99

First trip back to PENANG!!!

6th June 2009 @ Tapah R&R - 10am -Yippieeeee on the way to PENANG!!!
Mama says, we are going back for a week!! Wow a new place to explore~~
Reach Penang, Gong Gong Por Por's house at about 2pm, so hot =(((( Mama says, that was the place she stayed before she married to papa *blink blink* so complicated...

After a little rest and nice shower, we dressed up nice nice and went to TAO with Gong Gong Por Por, Jiu Jiu, Jiu Mu, Jing Yee jiejie. They says the occasion is to celebrate Gong Gong & Por Por's 37yrs anniversary, Jiu Jiu & Jiu Mu's 5th yrs anniversary, Pa Pa & Ma Ma 1st yr anniversary. Not sure what are those, nvm la one day i will know ....

Gong Gong Por Por sayang....hur hur hur

Jiu Jiu Family~

Daddy Mummy Sayang~~~~(",)

Its AUTO CITY hurhurhur, can you see it? Wow it's cool@@

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Little Buddha!

Feeling quite bad for not blogging for the past few dayz, Mommy was so EXHAUSTED!!! Sigh, Jeremy seems
to know when it comes to weekend as every friday night he would keep waking up and smile at me~ Looks like he just cant wait till the sun rise, or he thought the sun has rised?!!?!??!!
Anyway, last night, again, woke up at 2ish am, Daddy was feeding him milkie milkie and Jeremy did not seem to concerntrate on his milk. He seems to be so excited that Daddy feeding him and keep pushing the bottle away and smile~ AwWWwWww how sweet is that!? Daddy "pretend" angry and "scolded" him, then put him back to his baby cot.
Jeremy did not make noise but juz laying down in there with eyes wide open. We were both so so so tired and when we peep at him, he juz showed us one big smile and moving his hands and legs excitedly....OH MY GOD how can anyone resist this?
Well yes it is such a bad habit that keep waking up during the night boy. But whenever you smile, it juz melted our heart and....sigh, YOU ALWAYS WIN!!!!!
2 MORE DAYS! Then we can head off to Penang and meet up with Gong Gong Por Por and Uncles & Aunties and cousins!!!!!!!! Happieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Oh by the way, Auntie Annie loves this picture, that's why it's here ^^