Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Penang Still~

7th June 2009, Today is Sunday, did not do much...
Everybody resting at home on a relaxing and GODDAM HOT Sunday....

8th June 2009, Mama went to do facial and went in the morning...Papa play with me in the house lo~ Mama came home at about noon and bring back 2 new clothes for me, she said Auntie Michelle, who done facial for her buy me de wo ^^
hmmm din go out ler today....so boring, so i sleep only lo zzzzzzz
Evening leow!!! *Yawns* Mama woke me up *pout*, she says going to meet Echard korkor wo...????? Who lai de *blink blink*

Hehehe Echard korkor so handsome de, *drool* He is Suvin Auntie & AGC Uncle's 9 mths old boy boy hurhurhur

9th June 2009
Good morning!!! Mama says, today going to have lunch @ CRC!!! Errrmmm, what is CRC? Oh nvm who cares. I met Uncle Daniel, Uncle Sing Hock and Uncle Joe tsk tsk tsk ^^
They all have lunch together so happy, i laying in my stroller hmmpphhhh....so....I MAKE NOISE MAKE NOISE MAKE NOISE!!!!! Hiak hiak hiak
After lunch we went home, on the way home we went to that place where Mama did her facial, she says Auntie Michelle wants to see me wo....????
Oh nice~~~ heh heh heh, there got a lot of leng leng aunties, they take turn to carry me, i juz act blurz lo, they like wo muaahahahahahaha *blink blink* they say soOOOooOOoooo cute LOL
After that, next stop we go to Gong Gong's office, Mama says her ex colleagues wanted to see me too....hmmpphhhh am i that popular *blush**
Oh no! more leng leng aunties carrying me, passing ard muahahahahahaha, Quite happy leh ^^
Tired, and we go home after that....haih, i juz zzZZzZZzzzzzzz all the way
BUT!!!! At night, *Sked*** I see so many faces appearing in my mind...so i KEEP CRYING NONE STOP......Papa hug hug me to sleep lo.....*yawns* 99

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