Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First trip back to PENANG!!!

6th June 2009 @ Tapah R&R - 10am -Yippieeeee on the way to PENANG!!!
Mama says, we are going back for a week!! Wow a new place to explore~~
Reach Penang, Gong Gong Por Por's house at about 2pm, so hot =(((( Mama says, that was the place she stayed before she married to papa *blink blink* so complicated...

After a little rest and nice shower, we dressed up nice nice and went to TAO with Gong Gong Por Por, Jiu Jiu, Jiu Mu, Jing Yee jiejie. They says the occasion is to celebrate Gong Gong & Por Por's 37yrs anniversary, Jiu Jiu & Jiu Mu's 5th yrs anniversary, Pa Pa & Ma Ma 1st yr anniversary. Not sure what are those, nvm la one day i will know ....

Gong Gong Por Por sayang....hur hur hur

Jiu Jiu Family~

Daddy Mummy Sayang~~~~(",)

Its AUTO CITY hurhurhur, can you see it? Wow it's cool@@

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