Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Little Buddha!

Feeling quite bad for not blogging for the past few dayz, Mommy was so EXHAUSTED!!! Sigh, Jeremy seems
to know when it comes to weekend as every friday night he would keep waking up and smile at me~ Looks like he just cant wait till the sun rise, or he thought the sun has rised?!!?!??!!
Anyway, last night, again, woke up at 2ish am, Daddy was feeding him milkie milkie and Jeremy did not seem to concerntrate on his milk. He seems to be so excited that Daddy feeding him and keep pushing the bottle away and smile~ AwWWwWww how sweet is that!? Daddy "pretend" angry and "scolded" him, then put him back to his baby cot.
Jeremy did not make noise but juz laying down in there with eyes wide open. We were both so so so tired and when we peep at him, he juz showed us one big smile and moving his hands and legs excitedly....OH MY GOD how can anyone resist this?
Well yes it is such a bad habit that keep waking up during the night boy. But whenever you smile, it juz melted our heart and....sigh, YOU ALWAYS WIN!!!!!
2 MORE DAYS! Then we can head off to Penang and meet up with Gong Gong Por Por and Uncles & Aunties and cousins!!!!!!!! Happieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Oh by the way, Auntie Annie loves this picture, that's why it's here ^^


  1. u gotta be a better kisser. look at jeremy's expression. he doesnt feel like it. haha...

  2. yiiiiiiiiiii...geli lo mummyyyyyyy

  3. dunno one la u two, he is enjoying it, he geram ma muahahahahahaha