Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haunted night~

Yesterday afternoon, I had a great haunted stories sharing session with Auntie Doreen and Auntie Nazhrah. Auntie Nazhrah was telling us about her haunted stories in her Asrama during her final study week when everyone staying up late at night - Guard appearing by the window of the 4th floor building asking why not sleeping yet, A nenek in Kebaya squard on top of the roof in the study room asking them what they doing, a hand sticking out from no where in the bathroom asking for sabun etc etc etc.....
I was glad that Jeremy boy doesn't wake up anymore during the night. Usually he drink at 9pm and then next milkie session is 6am, which is about the time I have to get up and get ready for work.
BUT LAST NIGHT! I think Auntie Nazhrah had secretly arranged it with him and he wakes up at 3am! The MOST haunting hour OH MY GAWD! And the best thing was, the GREAT DADDY pretending sleeping so i have to wake up and feed milk milk ALL BY MYSELF!!!!%%^%$#$@#@#
As I was preparing the milk in the kitchen, my bulu roma start to get active. I tried not to think of anything but concentrate on the milk preparation process. Oh no Auntie Nazhrah and her evil face keep coming into my mind!!!!!!!!!! And that relating to all her interesting stories!!!!!
I keep looking around me and make sure nothing special but I got so paranoid that someone is staring at me!!!!!!! Gosh that was really disgusting and I quickly went into the room and feed the hungry baby.
That is not the end of it. After feeding the baby, I have to clean up the milk bottles and all. Again the weird feeling surrounding me. I hate it so much so i do it as quickly as possible. When I am done with it, I NEED TO GO TOILET! Darn, the image of that hand asking for sabun automatically appear in my mind....I WANT TO CRY!
I had a really quick one in the toilet and rush back to the room and tuck myself under the blanket.
I heard some *ngek ngek ngek* sound.....MY GOD that baby is not sleeping yet, he really knows what to do at the right time uh *sigh* And the DADDY too, still pretending so well next to me, so I have to get up again to pat pat the naughty baby. As I get up, the window next to me, OH NO!!!!!! THE GUARD!!!!!! I didn't see it la juz that suddenly I feel like, why is everything around me become so relating to the stories Auntie Nazhrah was telling in the afternoon....
Patting the baby for a while, keep tucking pacifier into his mouth and praying hard in my heart that Good boy close your eyes and sleep....but he just getting more and more active and keep laughing at me. It was really scary i tell you and the best thing is HE NEVER DO THIS but why now!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!
I quickly take the baby and put him on my bed, off all lights and just put my arms over him. Both of us fall asleep quietly soon after that....
Phew~ It is over, thanks so much to Auntie Nazhrah, and I TELL YOU, It's GONNA BE MY TURN TO PRETEND SLEEPING TONIGHT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN!!!!!y^%%$#$@#!@##$&^&
I swear I am not going to wake up alone for the milk session, if there is any......*sigh*


  1. oh my god, stef!!! i was lmao reading your stories... hihihi..

    hey, wait a minute...

    what do you mean "Auntie Nazhrah and her evil face "??????

    jeremy, tonight let's wake mummy up again.. hihihi!!!

  2. hahahahahahaha Nazh you know your face appearing in my mind at tat time, was like "ngek ngek ngek i had ask Jeremy to wake up in the middle of the night" LOL