Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shopping dayz~

10th June @ Wednesday
Mama says, today go shopping with Por Por....Before we leave for Gurney Plaza, we go to Gong Gong's office and take some pictures first hiakz hiakz hiakz
Hmmmpphhh but Pa Pa says I am a BeE today....why uh?!?!??!?! hmmppphhhh

Oh we reach Gurney Plaza, Por Por and Mama shop non stop wo, left Pa Pa playing with me nia~ Pa Pa push me in stroller, here and there, speeding wo, *scare*
I am very sleepy and tired, but I heard a lot of noise leh, liek very happening...SO! I refuse to sleep kekekekekek Pa Pa suffer lo~
But, In the end I still cant tahan leow....The last thing i know was, someone feeding me milk milk at a nice nice Restaurant called Chillis,smellll so good la the food *drool*....and i zzZZzzZZzzzzzzzz
@ night, sleeping time, bbut my mind, again, keep appearing many many weird weird places and faces.....SO I CRYING LOUD LOUD!!!! *sked ma* blink....Pa pa carrying me 99 again...hiakz hiakz...

11th June @ Thursday
Today Pa Pa and I sleep only, sleep until almost noon ler, because Ma Ma went out and tatto her eye brows.....???!!!!?!?!?
Pa Pa told me, later when Ma ma is back, we have to say bye bye to Gong Gong Por Por, and go back to KL wo....hmm i dunno what is he talking about, but it sounds quite sad la....nvm, things happen so soon and the next things i know is, we had lunch with Echard korkor n family, Gong Gong Por Por & Jiu Mu, then i was being tucked into the car seat, and zzZZzzZzzzzz.....
AND! The next thing i know!!!!! eh? I am in Grandma's arms. Back to kl? home? blurzzzz....I am so confuse laaaa what is happening? hmmppphh ...so i CRYYYYYY AGAIN muahahahahahhaha....tired....then Ma Ma put me to sleep....Nite nite ^^
Oh i miss Gong Gong Por Por, I think Ma Ma miss them too, coz I saw her looking quite upset...hmmpphh, I miss Echard korkor oso wo, Ma Ma says, the next trip going back, hopefully in September, heheheheheheheh then I can Play with HIM~

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