Friday, June 26, 2009

Trick to Freeze Credit Card?!?!?!

Today everyone is not in working mood. Auntie Doreen was telling me a new trick she thought of, to freeze our credit card.
Step 1 - Get an empty ice cream tong
Step 2 - Throw your cards in
Step 3 - Put in the freezer of your fridge.
What the.....*&&^%$%$##@#@# Lame kan? Ya Auntie Doreen can be quite lame sometimes when she is too bored....LOL


  1. HAHAH WTF?!

    not me ok. i read it in someone's blog! just sharing my knowledge only!

  2. hahahaha!!!

    you just saying and making excuses, stef! like we didn't know you're kaki shopping...

    takot ya kena freeze card? kakakak!

  3. hahahahaha Audriena, tapi ini orang sekarang shopping online, must teach her how to freeze her Maybank2u LOL