Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jeremy's 1st Step - 11.5months!

Oh my god sorry darling boy~

Mommy has yet to update your blog since November, its been 4 months!!!

Shall do it ASAP ok, will update with the previous months photo heh heh heh

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is that real?

Dear all, we are not sure if this is real or just our illustration....
Last night the 3 of us, Papa, Jeremy and myself, we laying on the bed, trying to put the fatty to sleep. As usual, he refuses to sleep and crawling all over the bed.
I was kinda irritated and turn my back towards him to show my "ignorance"
Then I feel him crawling towards me, pulling my shirt and trying to reach me, and he called "Ma Ma" as he reaches my arm and lay his head on my shoulder.
Oh my God, I couldn't believe it and look at Papa, asking," Did he just call me MaMa?"
Papa nodded. ?!??!?! Is he really calling me?
Anyway, whether it is real, i take it as a yes hahahaahhaha and melted for a while with the fatty in my arm.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I can stand up!!!!!!

Wah....wah....today i am 8 months 14 days.....i can stand up on my own!!!!! =D
Oh by the way, my 2 gigi on top coming out too ^^

Monday, November 2, 2009

8 months dy~9.5kg!!!!!!!!!!

Yayyyyy......I can sit oredi you know!!! hmmpphhh why mama look so sleepy....eh cant see my gigi yet....later I show u!!
Mummy bring me go One Utama, meet Auntie Angela.....Auntie says she is my mother in law....hmmmpphh, what is that? Can eat?!?!?
Eh? I must climb up to this little chair. It looks like specially made for me.....why everyone looks at me?!!?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My 7th month in penang!~ 9.1kg only~

awwWwwww so tired. After 4 days in Penang, finally we are going home....Nite nite~

Por Por make me stand up....eeeEEeikkkk, I no strenght leh.....
Eh? This handsome korkor and kakak is who?!?! Mummy says he from Auntie Karen....hmmpphh Auntie Karen where?!?!? Everyone in Gong Gong Por Por's house loOOoooo....So loud, so happening....I wan to eat the car!
eEEeeEeee.....I got caught!!!!! The father and son!!! Gangster!!!! aRGgghhhh let me go.....Big one holding me so tight, and the little one trying to attack me....Help~~~~~@!!!!!
Eh, Auntie Christine very pretty hor, Mummy says got Di Di inside her tummy.....^^
Everyone eating dim sum, I only get to drink milk milk.....hhhmmpphhh....so hot leh Penang~
Oh? Daddy ...Daddy.....I wan carryyyyyy~~~
OooOoooo at Gong Gong Por Por's now!!!!! crawl crawl craawlllll~~~~
Eh? Why this weird creature keep looking at me....Cute? Mummy says its cute, but i still haven figure out what is it, and what is inside his mouth?!?! I am laying in the car, Daddy Mummy say going Penang see Gong Gong Por Por!!! Yippieeee~~~~~~

My 1st trip to Bukit Tinggi - 6th Sept 2009 - 6.5 Months

Mummy says i heavy ohhhh, daddy volunteers to carry me up and down.....gheeeeee~~
This is the only picture we take together! Who holds the camera?!?!?!!??!!? Hehehehe magic!!! I saw a 3 legs alien holding it...I heard papa mama call it a "tripod", hmmpphhh I dowan to look, I scare!!!!!! =~ Daddy brings his camera set, looks heavy to me....so most of the time he is the camera man. I think this is one of the very few pictures he takes with me =S Mummy where?!?!?!?! Holding the camera loOOoOOoooo~~^^

Woah i love this place~ Weather is chilling, birds are singing~ and it's green everywhere....nice nice =)))) happie~~~~

Mummy says I am very heavy, so Daddy offers to carry me all the way up~ Ok what, I am only 9.2kg, hmmm not too heavy right?! *Blink* hhhmmmpphphhh~~

Just arrived!!! Why the pacifier still in my mouth!!?!??! Gosh mummy din take it out for me >.<>

Monday, September 14, 2009

Growing gigi

Jeremy is growing his 1st gigi on 5th September!!!!
Jeremy starts to wake up at night for milk ever since then =~~~(
Yesterday, another gigi coming out too!!!!