Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is that real?

Dear all, we are not sure if this is real or just our illustration....
Last night the 3 of us, Papa, Jeremy and myself, we laying on the bed, trying to put the fatty to sleep. As usual, he refuses to sleep and crawling all over the bed.
I was kinda irritated and turn my back towards him to show my "ignorance"
Then I feel him crawling towards me, pulling my shirt and trying to reach me, and he called "Ma Ma" as he reaches my arm and lay his head on my shoulder.
Oh my God, I couldn't believe it and look at Papa, asking," Did he just call me MaMa?"
Papa nodded. ?!??!?! Is he really calling me?
Anyway, whether it is real, i take it as a yes hahahaahhaha and melted for a while with the fatty in my arm.

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