Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day out with Liz Mommy~

Gosh finally i got to see Liz Mommy today!
Daddy, Mommy , Grandma and I went to MidValley. They were having lunch in one of the Taiwanese Restaurant and I was laying flat in my stroller *as usual* sigh...
While waiting for Liz mommy , i fell asleep....zzzzzzzzZZZzzzZZ
When i woke up i saw Mommy with another HOT haha she rush to me and carry me up and down, hurhurhur~ her body is so comfortable....*blink blink* =p~~~~
LOL I WILL SHOW YOU HER PICTURE~then you will agree with me kekekekekekke
Liz mommy had brought me a teether and a fisher price rocking chair...with vibration!!!! wow cool hurhurhur, i love the chair...THANK YOU~^^
I think i need some read now, I am not feeling well today, my tummy....sigh =(
Nite nite all its late.....zzZzzZzzzzz


  1. aiyoh!! ur mama put this pic mummy look so fat! ask ur mama change tonite haha~~ side view side view only mummu look nice wahahahaha~~

    oso take a pic with ur swing chair and ur toys k~~~

    Boi boi, u sooooo cute, fat and strong har~~

    hmmmmm~~ not bad, healthy boi!

  2. haha no fat la Liz Mommy no fat la, just look so properous ^^, so you feel better with this picture? ^^