Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Baby sitter found by just ONE CLICK!

When I was 3 months pregnant, I was so stressed out about getting a good baby sitter for Jeremy. I seriously have no idea where to look so i just google - "baby sitter at CHERAS".
Found one link, and I just called to try my luck. Just by that one click, and made appointment with them, Daddy Mommy went over to their place, discuss about the schedule and price etc etc etc.
I feel quite good with them, old couple whose kids are already working and they just want to pass time. And the best thing is when we ask about the price, she just said: "ANYTHING"!!! LOL~
BUT! Just like any other parents, we are still worry about the way they take care of Jeremy, whether they are nice to him, and haunt by hearing a lot of "scary" stories of terrible baby sitters that hurt the babies etc etc etc.
Now, It's been a month and a half already. Initially, the schedule to send Jeremy to baby sitter was Mon - Fri, 730am - 830pm. Saturday 8am - 6pm. But since Mama is not working on weekend, so decided not to send him over. AAwwwWWwww Uncle Auntie don't look very happy about it, i guess they just miss Jeremy good boi as much as i do hahaha!!!
Daddy and Mummy are both so glad, with the baby sitters uncle auntie, as well as their 4 daughters at home. They are all so nice people, they are so lovely and they just love Jeremy like one of their family members^^.
Is it really that easy? To find a great baby sitter by just 1 click?!
Thank you God. We are just soOOooOooO Goddam lucky and I think, they are a gift sent by God. Come in as a package together with Jeremy muaaUAAHAHahaahahahah

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