Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brief Record

*yawns* Auntie Doreen so not right about the morning baby *blink blink*
Besides papa mama, grandma and Auntie Shirley (My Immediate Family), Auntie Doreen and Uncle Albert are the very first guests that i had seen, on the second day, can barely see them, bcoz i was still very sleepy, like very pretty hor from my blur vision kakakakakkaka ^^
3rd day - got home with Papa Mama and the so-called Confinement Lady (CL)

4th day ~ 8th day, nothing much to say, bcoz i was still very sleepy, basically I only wake up every 3 hours for milky milky and then sleep again....zzzzzZZzzzzz

5th day - Uncle JooKim & Auntie Molly together with their baby, Haydrain Korkor came at night, but sorry guys, I was too tired to entertain or even open my eyes to look....zzzZZzZz

8th day - Mama says, her Papa Mama (My Grandparents) is coming all the way from Penang! Wow, Uncle JooKim was here too. Wah so excited to see my handsome gong gong and pretty por por, they take turn to carry me but so noisy as everyone talk at the same times.....blurrrzzzz...
But i do enjoy their companion, so happening ^^ Oh before I forget, I think I over heard something like, Uncle Kok Fung & Auntie Gabby dropped by today to see me, too sleepy to entertain......

9th day - Auntie Connie and Auntie Chau Peng came to see me today! After 1 tired day of entertaining Gong Gong Por Por yday, i didn't wake up to see them. But i know i was displayed somewhere in the living room for them to "admire" for quite some times. LOL

10th day - I realise, there are so much other fun things to do besides sleeping. Like, when i refuse to sleep, there will have people talking to me, holding me in their arms, pampering me or walking around. SO!!! I decided not to sleep straight away right after my milky milky time!!!!

11th day - I miss PAPA!! I see the CL, I see Grandma, and I see MAMA. They take turn to talk and play with 9me. But i realised that PAPA only appear when the sky turns dark.....
MAMA says that he has to work, but i just miss him aawwwwww....
SO! I decided to stay awake after every evening meal! So that i would be able to see and hear PAPA as he gets home =>>>>>>>>>>>
But tonight, I overheard them discussing about my Chinese Name in the living room. For a long time, and finally........My name is Long Yi Fun! Yooohoooooooo, I have got a name!!! (",)

12th day - MAMA says PAPA and Grandma has gone out, summiting some document to issue my MyKID IC, also my Birth Certificate. Wow, It sounds so great, I am getting my own identity, and ever since then, I am gonna have a record somewhere in this world!! So excited!! Mama also say that, My IC gonna be in Pink Color (her favourite color)!!! Ok we shall then see what is Pink Color look like kekekkekekekeke

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