Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Hauz

Dear Jeremy, So sorry that Mama have been busy with the newly open blogshop Baby Hauz at http://babyhauz.blogspot.com
Haihhhh,previously i was counting the dayz, and it has reached the 7th day!! and it crashed!!
For your information, i was just counting the day my good boy does not wake up in the middle of the night for milk anymore. And I cant reveal it because pantang la, you know small babies are petty and once you mention it they will start to wake up for milk again!!! argGgGhhHHHHH AND Mummy was too happy on the 7th days, so told grandma about it. MY GOD, Jeremy wakes up for milk on that night it self, sigh...
So, life is back to the old days again, ok i should be glad that he only wake up once and sleep right after milk. But as I said, I had just started my online baby shop business, and that add on to the tired-ness as Mummy only get to sleep at about 12 ish after putting everything in places, and have to wake up at 3am for milkie milkie session. Then 6am, time to wake up and get ready for the next milk session and also get ready for work...
Phew, boy if you hear me, and be a good boy, help ok, help mummy by sleeping tight tight and drink only in the morning ok? hahahahaha crossing my fingers "-.-
Dear all, please also kindly visit my new blogshop, at http://babyhauz.blogspot.com
Thank you so much for your kind supports!! =))

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