Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vibrating Rocking Chair!

Mommy has been really busy lately, and has not been taking enough pictures for Jeremy boi, because all cameras at home has not been working well, can only take pictures during day time. sigh....and day times Jeremy is always with Baby sitter...
But, mommy managed to snap a few over the weekend, picture of Jeremy sitting on the Fisher Prices rocking chair that was bought and brought all the way back from Singapore by Liz Mommy!!!! Finallyyyyyyy got a picture of that!! Thank you Liz Mommy, i miss u too~~

1 comment:

  1. boi boi, sorry lah, Liz mummy oso long time didnt come ur blog to see u..... But i know ur mama was busy, sure no have time to update ur blog.... so i dun disturb her oso loh.......... hehehe.... all excuse hahaha...

    Actually ur Liz mummy is oso a lazy mummy....

    Boi, u really look like ur papa~~ haiz..... ur mama so poorthing.... kekeeke