Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jeremy & his pacifier!

Jeremy boy is learning how to remove his pacifier and put it back in to his mouth.
Been learning this for some times, but each time he manages to take out from his mouth, and when trying to put it back, it will be senget! haha
This time, just when he is playing on the bed before falling asleep, this boy manage to put it in the right way (with mama's help, adjusting the angle of his little hand)!!!!
Happily enjoying the pacifier and i think he wanted to remove his hand as the pacifier can remain in his mouth, aiks....the pacifier came off together attached to his little hand! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA
After repeating this (taking the pacifier in and out) a few times, the poor boy got fed up and started crying..... awwwww the little hand yet to coordinate boy, be patient ya i am sure you will manage to do it soon!!!! LOL
Well, mama didn't help him with this, because, MAMA WAS ROFL (rolling on the flooor laughing) muaAHahaAHHAaHAHAHAHAaaaAAAHAHAaaa kiutz la

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